Words to the Wise

1. Don’t drink the water. I didn’t have to learn this from experience, but enough people told me this to scare me into obedience. The program coordinators have solidly insisted that we drink only trusted brands of purified drinking water. To my group’s consternation I was the lone wolf who dared to drink filtered water at Lady Doak College and again at the zenlike Tata-Dahn Academy, because basically I put my full and uncompromising trust in the people behind those institutions. Some people won’t even brush their teeth with tap water. I never go that far. Use your best judgment. Be aware that the contents of the public access water might be a little frightening and think twice before drinking it. Take the necessary precautions. You don’t want to get delhi belly.


One thought on “Words to the Wise

  1. All of the warnings are right. If you do not drink and eat cerefully, you will get a bellyache. Maybe you are fine at this time, but you can get a serious bellyache when you come back to Dallas :). ( This is my expriences)

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