About Craig’s Indian Summer

Namaste! My name is Craig. I am spending a summer in India. This is my blog.

In April 2011 I was selected to participate in the Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad to India, a competitive program specially designed for teachers and administrators from North Texas. I teach English Language Arts and Creative Writing at a high school in Richardson, TX. Additionally, I teach ESOL Writing and Grammar as an adjunct instructor at Richland College. In fact, my early teaching background is primarily in ESOL, which I taught for several years in Hungary and Italy.

Each of the participants in the program will design a curriculum unit to implement in their teaching in the next school year. The unit will also be filed with the United Nation’s education database, as we will be analyzing India’s progress toward the UN’s Millennium Goals for developing counties. Information about the individual goals, as well as links to participants’ blogs can be found here: http://fulbrightindia2011.com/

My project will combine the elements of research, multimedia presentation and social activism. For my students, I hope to foster an awareness of social issues that affect their lives as well as the lives of communities in faraway places such as India. Through research and fieldwork the students will gather data about the issues and present their findings by designing a news publication and/or media broadcast. I will be meeting with a lot of different agencies all over India, including NGO’s, research groups, government departments, educational centers, and many cultural sites.

This blog is intended to be a living document of what I find along my journey. I hope it will serve others in helping to point out the many paths of activism that can be followed in India or even in your own area. I will overwrite. I will humor myself. I will try to inform as well as entertain. I’ll put up some pictures and media. I hope you enjoy.


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