The Drums of Heaven

Back in Delhi…Time to find some good food!

After a little research I found a restaurant/wine bar called The Drums of Heaven located in the Green Park market district of south Delhi. The waitstaff was extremely accommodating, taking group photos and tipping us off to the happy hour specials. Specializing in Chinese cuisine, the menu was extensive, the descriptions sounded appetizing and the waiters were helpful with suggestions. I ordered a baby corn spring roll with sweet chili sauce and the claypot chicken for the main course. At home I don’t go out for Chinese often, but I have to say my meal was extraordinarily tasty. The chicken came with a perfect ginger glaze. Texture is key for me, and we had great variety on the table. Plus, everything was served piping hot and stayed that way in the clay pots. From other people’s dishes, I also got to sample minced lamb pot stickers, crispy sizzling jumbo prawns in dragon sauce (sooooooooo good) and some scrumptious veg noodles. We never did find the nearby wine bar, It’s About Us…, but that’s okay, we regaled the night away at Drums of Heaven well into the midnight hour.

A sizable contingent of the group dined at Drums of Heaven. My eyes are closed but I'm smiling.


One thought on “The Drums of Heaven

  1. Wow! You discribed Chinese food clearly so that I feel a delicious plate of Chinese food in front of me. Watching this picture, I feel the happiness, warmness, and friendship from all of great teachers. Among them, Mr Thornton and Ms Samarth are my teachers and 🙂 you, too.

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