Food Fascination #1: Moets

Food is almost always on my brain. Needless to say I’ve been eager to get out into Delhi and try some authentic Indian cuisine. Through the Thikana Hotel we’ve already experienced some good food, “imported” in a sense, since the hotel orders for its guests from neighborhood restaurants. I was anxious to experience the food and the ambiance of a good restaurant in India, so I joined some of the always adventurous Fulbright group for a night of fine dining. At the suggestion of Attul, one of Thikana’s all-in-the-family managers, we decided to go to Moets, an Indian restaurant in a multistory complex of other eateries. This was an eye-opener as I realized that these establishments floor-by-floor dining are fairly common especially in big cities like Delhi.

With lots of tasty choices, Moets fully delivered on Attul’s promise. For an appetizer we (well, some of us) ate lightly marinated onions with mint chutney. It seemed weird at first, but with food you just have to set it in front of me and I’ll try it. We agreed to share a communal meal, ordering one less than the number of heads at the table, although Artist insisted on flying solo, perhaps not trusting the experimental spirit that enveloped the table. Maybe he had a point. We did, after all, end up ordering magaz curry, goat’s brain served in a deep green spinach sauce. Yum! We tried some “normal” foods too. All in all it was a great night!

Natalie, Artist and Pamela enjoy the food at Moets. Artist is really tearing into that tandoori chicken.


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